What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the most important male hormone, contributing to muscle mass, libido, energy, and more. The male body makes most testosterone in the testes, with peak production during adolescence and early adulthood.

As men enter their 40s, testosterone levels begin to drop. This decrease, known as Low T, continues with age, gradually resulting in a testosterone deficiency. A lower level of testosterone in older men is sometimes called andropause, often thought of as the male version of menopause.

Consequences of Low T

Studies show that men who suffer from low levels of testosterone can have:

  • Less muscle mass
  • More body fat
  • Mood disorders
  • Sexual dysfunction

Low testosterone levels can also impact hair growth and cause negative attitudes about life, a loss of focus and drive, depression, and even cognitive impairments.

A decrease in bone mass is another major problem associated with Low T. In fact, recent studies have shown that up to 30% of men over age 60 have problems with osteoporosis, and one out of every six men will fracture a hip as a result of decreased bone density. Testosterone replacement therapy may help alleviate these symptoms and even prevent disease.

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