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Hormone Replacement Therapy Los Angeles


Hormone Replacement Therapy Los AngelesHormone Replacement Therapy for women and men in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills has become one of the main treatment options for Dr. Berger at the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute. Dr. Berger sees many patients who are suffering with weight gain, general anxiety, irritation depression and a low-sex drive. Hormones manage the activity of cells in the body and when the hormones are depleted or out of wack, then the body suffers.

Bio-identical has proven to be a very viable option for men and women to help their bodies come back to a more stable baseline and then provides additional energy to help you better conquer the aspects of every day life. Dr. Berger finds that many people have resolved to feeling depleted, depressed and out of balance. When hormones are so out of balance, these feelings are normal. Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatments are custom fit to you and your needs. Dr. Berger and his staff have worked with hundreds of patients and effectively reversed these feelings through this proven and effective anti-aging treatment.

Age management is often seen as the last resort for many people, when in fact, had they come in at the first signs of a hormone imbalance, the symptoms could have been treated much sooner and would have likely save a lot of time, money, and general health decline. As mentioned our approach to Anti-Aging or Age-Management is to develop a custom plan for you. This plan will include the proper dosage of hormone replacements, like Human Growth Hormone and others, a nutrition plan, a fitness plan to help you achieve your optimal wellness. Your body is the most complex organism in the world and you are different from everyone else.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, contact Dr. Berger at the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute. His office is conveniently located in Beverly Hills and he and his staff look forward to meeting you and helping you with your plan.