Gynecomastia is the development of male breast tissue. These embarrassing male breasts (known more colloquially as “man boobs or moobs”) can develop for a wide variety of reasons, including changes to hormonal imbalances, diet, exercise routine, or genetic predisposition. Whatever the cause, gynecomastia treatment is a life-changing procedure physically, psychologically and emotionally among those men who suffer from the condition.

How does VASER lipo work on Gynecomastia?

At Rejuvalife Vitality Institute in Beverly Hills, Dr. Andre Berger uses advanced liposuction techniques specifically deployed for gynecomastia using Vaser-assisted liposuction technology, “VASER Lipo”.

One of the best treatment options for Gynecomastia is a directed energy system known as VASER. The VASER Lipo system is a minimally invasive way to contour the body, targeting specific areas of unwanted fat. This makes it a great choice for treating gynecomastia. But how, exactly, does VaserLipo work for Gynecomastia patients?

VASER Lipo is minimally invasive and uses ultrasonic waves to break up and destroy the fat and dramatically shrink Gynecomastia breast tissue, which is then easily completely removed. Patients can be back to their daily routines within 12 hours and back to strenuous activity in only 2-3 weeks.

First, a saline solution is injected into the targeted area. This amplifies the abilities of the ultrasonic waves generated by Vaser (after all, sound travels in waves—and saline makes a great conductor). This makes fat cells easier to remove. Next, Dr. Berger will insert a series of small probes into the target area. These probes are what generate ultrasonic waves.

The ultra-high-frequency sound waves then work to shake loose fat cells in the targeted area. These “loose” fat cells are then removed with the help of a special cannula. This technique allows Dr. Berger to achieve highly contoured and controlled results. The results are life-changing and amazing.

Additionally, Dr. Berger will discuss the importance of diagnosing and treating underlying hormonal imbalances that are almost always associated with the development of gynecomastia and can provide that as part of our Anti-Aging Program for men.

Gynecomastia Recovery and Results

Patients who receive treatment for gynecomastia can generally look forward to a speedy recovery. VASER Lipo for gynecomastia requires only a twelve hours immediate recovery period (during which you should rest). After that twelve hours, patients are encouraged to refrain from physically strenuous activity for up to three weeks but should be free to return to other normal functions (such as work).

Dr. Berger gives every patient individualized recovery instructions in order to maximize comfort and results. Once that recovery period is complete, patients should see a dramatic improvement in the slenderness of the chest. Our patients report the return of a masculine profile and the reduction of male breast tissue.

Male breast reduction and Hi-Definition procedures can lead to improvements in confidence, self-esteem, and comfort. Many patients also report that they are finally able to hit the beach sans shirt and feel absolutely no discomfort or embarrassment, as the minimally invasive VaserLipo procedure will not leave noticeable permanent scarring.

Gynecomastia is a relatively common condition, so male breast reduction is an unsurprisingly popular procedure. If you want to achieve a life-changing more masculine profile with a minimally invasive procedure and treat Gynecomastia, contact Dr. Berger at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute.

What are other procedures performed in conjunction with Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia made be performed by simple liposuction of the excess fatty tissue. However, in some more severe cases, tissue excision may be recommended to achieve the best results. Tissue excision allows a greater amount of glandular tissue and skin to be removed than liposuction. Patients with sagging skin or those that will need repositioning of the areola or nipple often require tissue excision surgery. In certain cases, it will be recommended that both liposuction and excision be performed to achieve optimal results.

Am I a good candidate for Gynecomastia Treatment?

Gynecomastia can develop for a wide variety of reasons. Obesity is another common cause. But we also see gynecomastia develop commonly in athletes who retire or who suddenly curb their exercise output. We have found that good candidates for the treatment of gynecomastia generally have some of the following characteristics:

  • Excess tissue around the chest (typically described as a “man boob”)
  • Embarrassment caused by excess fat around the chest
  • Your body weight is in a fairly normal range
  • Your breast tissue causes physical discomfort
  • Diet and exercise are unable to address your male breast tissue
  • You do not suffer from too much excess skin (or you have good skin elasticity)
  • Your gynecomastia has presented for at least twelve months without relief
  • You have realistic expectations about what this procedure can accomplish

Male breast reduction patients are typically seeking relief from the downsides of gynecomastia. Dr. Berger is an excellent resource for gynecomastia treatment —so if you’re looking to hit the beach and be able to remove your shirt without fear of embarrassment or discomfort.


  • A more masculine chest and profile
  • A more slender chest area
  • More masculine proportions
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved posture
  • Improved physical comfort
  • A more youthful-looking physique


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    Gynecomastia begins to develop in young men as they enter puberty. In fact, it is quite common to experience gynecomastia during this time. In most cases, gynecomastia will go away within a few years. Less than 10% of men with gynecomastia will experience lifelong symptoms.


    In some cases, patients with gynecomastia can reduce their symptoms by practicing healthy lifestyle habits and balancing their hormonal levels. These include diet improvements, increased exercise, reducing drug and alcohol intake, and hormone replacement therapy. For many patients, the cause of gynecomastia is deeper, and cannot be addressed without professional treatment.


    Most patients begin gynecomastia treatment with hormone therapy and other non-invasive techniques. If these treatments fail to produce the desired results, or in instances of particularly severe cases of gynecomastia, surgery may be the best option. This involves the surgical removal of breast tissue to create a more masculine appearance in the chest.


    During gynecomastia surgery, the fatty tissue creating symptoms is fully removed. This tissue does not grow back, meaning that the results from gynecomastia surgery can be permanent. However, patients are encouraged to maintain healthy diet and exercise habits to prevent the accumulation of fat, which can change the appearance.


    The cost of Gynecomastia Treatment can vary greatly dependent on the case. Gynecomastia may involve liposuction alone or may require surgery to remove excess glandular tissue. It is expected to run at least several thousand dollars for the procedure but arranging a consultation with Dr. Berger will clarify exactly what you will need and the costs of resolving this condition.



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