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Radiesse® in Los Angeles, CA


Unfortunately, we can’t stop the aging process. Over time, you may experience signs of aging such as a sunken appearance in the cheeks, hollow eyes, and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The good news is that there are many advanced facial rejuvenation procedures that can take 10 years off of your appearance and help you age beautifully, such as Radiesse treatments.

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What is Radiesse?

A very popular treatment for facial rejuvenation, Radiesse is a collagen stimulator and dermal filler used to add volume to deep wrinkles and contour areas that may have lost youthful definition. Common treatment areas include around the nose and mouth, such as filling nasolabial folds (laugh lines), and adding volume and definition to the jawline and cheeks. It is also used in hand rejuvenation treatment. Radiesse immediately provides plumping and volume but also promotes more collagen production over time, making it a popular and effective facial rejuvenation procedure.

How Much Does Radiesse Cost in Beverly Hills, CA?

The average cost of Radiesse at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute is $795 per syringe. The price of your Radiesse treatment will vary depending on the amount of product needed to help you achieve your desired results. Dr. Berger will discuss the details of your treatment including the cost at the time of your one-on-one consultation. For your convenience, we offer multiple financing options to keep your treatments as affordable as possible.

What Can Radiesse Do For Me?

Radiesse is a popular option to:

  • Smooth fine lines
  • Soften deep wrinkles
  • Diminish acne scars
  • Reduce appearance of nasolabial folds
  • Contour the chin or nose
  • Define and plump lips
  • Add volume or plump hollow cheeks

Radiesse injections are made of synthetic calcium suspended in gel which, when injected using a tiny needle, instantly plumps and adds volume to deep lines and wrinkles. As the gel breaks down and absorbs into the body over time, microspheres of the calcium compound stay and support the skin structures, dissipating slowly over two to three years as natural collagen grows in its place.

Why Choose Dr. Berger for Radiesse Treatment?

Dr. Berger has more than 25 years of experience in the medical field. He is also a diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and has been recognized by Vanity Fair as “Top Doc.” Dr. Berger is often called upon by the media as an expert in cosmetic surgery and modern anti-aging.

Dr. Berger has served as President of the Foundation for Patient Safety and Education on the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He brings together Western medical training and technology with Eastern practice and philosophy to offer his patients a holistic approach to anti-aging, and is known for providing kind, thoughtful care and attention.

Am I a Candidate for Radiesse?

The best candidates for our Radiesse treatments are healthy adults between the ages of 30 and 65. Radiesse has received two approvals from the FDA, is non-toxic, with no animal products, and since it is made with chemical compounds naturally produced by the body, there is very little chance of an allergic reaction.

Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should not use Radiesse or any other dermal fillers. Anyone using blood thinners should also avoid dermal fillers such as Radiesse. To better determine is Radiesse is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Berger. He will be able to discuss the best options to achieve your desired results including Radiesse.

What is the Cost of Radiesse?

Radiesse is a very affordable option. At $795 a syringe, and with little to no recovery time needed, it is a popular option that makes a great difference in the battle against aging. Please visit this page to get facts about our pricing and financing options, and contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Berger.

How Long Will It Take to Recover from Radiesse?

Radiesse treatment takes only 15 to 30 minutes and is relatively painless. There can be redness, swelling and bruising at the injection site that can be covered with makeup immediately after the procedure and should disappear after three to seven days. It’s best to refrain from strenuous activity and stay out of the sun for 24 hours after the procedure.

The best way to determine whether Radiesse® is the right facial rejuvenation option for you is to speak with Dr. Berger in person. Please call 310-276-4494 today to schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills office.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Dr. Berger personalizes your treatment plan to ensure that your results address your unique aesthetic goals and restore facial harmony. Depending on your needs, he may recommend Radiesse® as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation treatments for enhanced results.

Dr. Berger is expertly trained and experienced in the administration of all injectable fillers. This background ensures you will receive the beautiful, natural-looking results you desire.

Please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute using the form at the right side of the page or call 310-276-4494 today to schedule your free Radiesse® consultation. Dr. Andre Berger serves patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California and offers some of the best results in Radiesse Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Radiesse® Used For?

Radiesse® is an injectable treatment designed for the face and hands. The Radiesse® formula is designed to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production, resulting in an increase in natural skin volume over time.

How Long Does Radiesse® Last?

Radiesse® produces results that last for 12 to 18 months. The reason for the long duration of these results is that Radiesse® stimulates collagen production, allowing the results to continue long after the Radiesse® formula is absorbed by the body.

Is Radiesse® Better Than Juvederm®?

Radiesse® and Juvederm® are both effective treatments for varying concerns. Radiesse® provides long-lasting, natural volume in the face and hands. Juvederm® produces instant volume in the face, which may not last as long. In the end, the best treatment for you will depend on your cosmetic goals and treatment needs.

What are the Side Effects of Radiesse®?

The most common side effects of Radiesse® are bruising, swelling and redness in the treatment area. These side effects typically resolve within a few days of treatment.

How Long Does it Take for Radiesse® to Work?

Radiesse® produces immediate results upon injection. It instantly plumps the skin with smooth, natural-looking volume. Unlike other dermal fillers, it creates results that last for several months by stimulating your body’s natural collagen production.