Welcome to Sho-Stopper Recipes!

Hello to our dear patients and readers!

This is the first entry and beginning of our newest addition to the blog – The Sho-Stopper Recipes!

My name is Sho, the latest member of Team Rejuvalife, and I will be updating you with healthy and nutritional tips & recipes that are no doubt good for you but are easy to follow, scrumptious, and most importantly, enjoyable for you & the whole family.

My passion for cooking has long since developed when I was child and it’s all thanks to my family. My mother is always contemplating on what delicious meals she will be crafting for dinner.  – I’m lucky to say that there isn’t a single food my mom has made that I didn’t enjoy. Sundays were kept for my father who, to this day, still makes his infamous all-star breakfasts and dinners that usually came hot, right off the grill.

I can go on and on and on and on about food. What can I say? I love food!

And I hope that by sharing my passion and love for food to the world, you too will be able to enjoy one of the greatest gifts we have – Eating!!!

Let’s Start Cookin’!



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