Weight Loss May Add Years to Your Appearance

Sometimes, skinny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Often times for those 40 and above, losing too much weight in the face can actually add years to your appearance! Think sunken eyes, droopy skin and large dark circles under your eyes. And the number one effect, emaciated cheeks! According to New Beauty Magazine:

When weight is lost from face, the cheeks are almost always affected. In order for the cheeks to have definition and be prominent, they need fat. A lack of fat makes them look gaunt and sunken. Furthermore, as fat is lost near the cheeks, it causes deep folds between the nose and mouth.

But don’t jump on the pizza train just yet, there are ways to reverse the effects of too much weight loss on the face. Volume loss can be corrected non-surgically with injectables, fillers, collagen stimulators and other non surgical procedures such as fat transfer.



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