The Fountain of Youth in a Book The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription

The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging PrescriptionAre you tired, depressed and suffering from low energy levels? Do you struggle to fall or stay asleep at night? Is your sex drive lower than it once was? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might be able to relate to one of Dr. Berger’s patients Marie Miano. This successful entrepreneur in her late fifties owns 19 IHOP restaurants with her husband. Several years back she too struggled with symptoms of menopause, had a low sex drive and mood swings. Today, it’s like she’s a different person (or maybe just a younger, more energetic version of herself): vibrant, happy and full of life.

What’s Marie’s secret? Her fountain of youth is the anti-aging principles Dr. Berger discusses in his new book, The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription. Through hard work and the miracles of modern medicine Marie was able to turn back the hands of time, erasing years of bad habits and abuse to her body and restoring youthful vitality. Now she feels great and you can too. Growing older is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to let aging take control of your body.

In Dr. Berger’s book he discusses the essential pathways to restoring youth and fighting the symptoms and signs of aging. You’ll learn about diet, nutrition, supplementation, hormone replacement therapy, stress reduction and more in this comprehensive and authoritative new book.  By filling your body with the right foods and supplements and by getting the rest and exercise you need, you can give your body the tools it needs for optimal vitality. Keep reading for a short preview of some of the principles you’ll learn in The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription.

Exercise is Critical

Our bodies are designed to move, but modern life is often quite sedentary. In Marie’s case she was unable to walk for more than a few minutes. Dr. Berger encouraged her to walk for just 15 minutes a day starting out and then to slowly increase. Now she walks six miles per day and still has energy to do more.

Exercise helps to restore the muscle mass that naturally declines with age and can help rebuild and restore flexibility, cardiovascular health, muscle mass and balance. Exercise isn’t just for looking great; it is essential for feeling great as well.

Change Your Diet, Change Your Body

Diet is another critical component of Dr. Berger’s anti-aging plan. The foods we eat, both good and bad, serve as fuel for our bodies. Dr. Berger works with his patients to establish an ideal diet. In his book he offers tips for eating the anti-aging way.

Feeling tired and rundown doesn’t have to be a part of getting older. Marie Miano now feels great and looks years younger than her age, all thanks to Dr. Berger’s anti-aging principles. Discover for yourself how good getting older can feel with The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription, available now on Buy Books on The Web.

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