The Best Way to Banish Your Cellulite Blues

Cellulite is one of life’s pesky, little everyday occurrences and much to the dismay of most women, cellulites appearance is easily recognized by almost anyone and everyone. For as long as there’s been cellulite there’s been a cellulite “cure”. The mass of lotions, serums, butters, and creams that flood the beauty market are a tragic reminder of all of the cellulite cures that do more to moisturize skin and less to rid the body of cellulite. Cellulite affects almost 85% of all women and unfortunately, is not preventable. The appearance of cellulite is caused by three basic biological factors: fat deposits, connective tissue and thin skin. The body contains certain fibrous bands made of tissue that connect the body’s skin to the deeper muscle tissues.  What lies between the skin and the muscle is a layer of fat that is separated into pockets that eventually begin to bulge and press into the skin, creating uneven areas and dimples. The thinner the skin over the fat pockets, the more apparent the appearance of cellulite.

 Many people believe that cellulite is a problem that only plagues overweight or obese women, but both overweight and thin women can suffer from the appearance of cellulite. There are many factors that contribute to the existence of cellulite including genetics, hormones, aging, lifestyle, dramatic weight changes, and differences in skin. The problem with the majority of cellulite treatments is that most treatments can only offer temporary treatments. Until recently there have never been any treatments that could be proven to truly rid the body of cellulite…until now. A company called Cynosure has introduced Cellulaze, the newest FDA approved treatment that’s now receiving a mass of media attention for its cellulite destroying powers and its minimally invasive process.

Cellulaze is gaining a wealth of buzz because for the first time in history there is a procedure that finally addresses all three of the structural issues that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. The Cellulaze treatment process begins with a doctor marking the areas to be treated. The cellulite area will be numbed and your physician will insert a thin tube called a cannula that contains the SideLaze3D Cellulaze laser fiber, under your skin. Your physician will then gently guide the laser through the area to be treated where the laser will attack the three structural issues by liquefying the fat deposits, disconnecting the connective fibers, and lastly, distributing energy just under the dermal layer to stimulate collagen and improve the elasticity and thickness of the skin. The liquefied fat will then be pressed out from underneath of the skin. The one time, in office procedure is considered to be minimally invasive and only requires a local anesthetic while the patient stays awake throughout the 1 to 1 ½ hour long procedure. Patients who undergo the Cellulaze treatment notice continued improvement for three to twelve months following the procedure.

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