Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone

symptoms of low testosteroneMany men and even women may be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone and not be aware the cause of their issues. Read on to learn about low testosterone and the symptoms, so that you can be informed about this condition.

What is Low T?

Low testosterone, or Low T, is a decline in the hormone testosterone in men and women. Low T occurs as we age and our testosterone levels diminish.

What are common symptoms of low testosterone?

The common symptoms of low testosterone in men include: loss of sex drive, loss of sexual performance, loss of morning erections, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, male irritability syndrome. The inability to maintain a more youthful lean body mass, leading to weight gain, the development of “moobs” or gynecomastia, and the loss of skin elasticity and tone.

In women, low testosterone also has similar effects on the skin, muscle mass, and on sex drive and the development of female irritability syndrome. In females, testosterone works a little differently than in males, and has a significant influence on these factors.

Because the symptoms of low testosterone often mirror other medical problems, it can be hard to diagnose. If you believe that you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, contact your physician to talk about possible options.

Treatments of low t

At Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, we can also help to treat your Low T. Through comprehensive diagnoses and the creation of a personalized treatment plan; we can prevent, delay and sometimes reverse many symptoms of Low T. A consultation with Dr. Berger will help to develop an anti-aging and hormone replacement plan that help lessen your symptoms.

Dr. Berger is a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon and anti-aging specialist and is a leader in anti-aging and wellness medicine. With a unique combination of skills, he is an expert in his field. If you are interested in treatment for low testosterone to relieve your symptoms, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


With over 25 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Berger has geared his practice towards the soothing and therapeutic side of cosmetic medicine. By specializing in anti-aging treatment along with cosmetic enhancement, his goal is to help each patient live a long, healthy, and beautiful life. Call us, or complete the form on this page.


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