More from My Trip to China

I finally had a few moments to download some photos from my trip to China, though I have many, many more to come!

I was invited to speak at two conferences for Chinese anti-aging physicians and to tour the facilities of my host, Dr. Tianyongchen. A very gracious host, Dr. Tian’s welcoming staff held a nice reception for me, and provided me with an entire entourage during my stay, including my own driver and interpreter, and they took care of every need, making sure I was comfortable and happy all the time.

Dr. Chen and I at his offices, with my welcome banner in the background

Dr. Tien and I at his offices, with my welcome banner in the background

I spoke at two different conferences, but enough about the boring business part.  I also toured three cities, saw some amazing sites, met some incredible people, and had some great food – I ate some of everything offered, even if I didn’t know what it was. (Well, almost – I gave a definitive NO to the chicken feet.)  Honestly, the food was different than our American concept of Chinese food, and it was either very, very good, or…not very good at all. But my hosts were intent on making me happy, asking “You don’t like that? Try this!” many times during the trip. The food is actually very healthy, with many spices we don’t use in the United States that I’m aware of. I really enjoyed the Hot Pot, and I’m looking for a good one here in L.A. Any recommendations?

Me and my

Me and my “entourage” during one of many great meals

Beijing was huge, with enormous construction projects everywhere. It’s a booming city, over 20 million people live there, with crazy traffic – they have no rules for driving! It’s a bit chaotic, to say the least, and makes Los Angeles look a sleepy little town, if you can believe that. It’s busy and congested, and the dense population is a bit overwhelming, but they were nothing but warm, friendly and welcoming.

I loved seeing the Forbidden City, a huge expanse of property that really defies adequate description. To think that these hundreds of acres and dozens of buildings were built many hundreds of years ago to house emperors from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, spanning over five centuries. It’s hard to describe the scale of it, the vastness, but it was truly a wonderful site. (More on the Forbidden City.)

At the gates of the Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square across the street from the Forbidden City

In front of Mao's picture at the Forbidden City

In front of Mao's picture at the Emperor's Gate to the Forbidden City

My group with the Forbidden City in the background

My group inside the Forbidden City

I also visited Tiananmen Square just after the People’s Republic of China’s 60th anniversary celebration. There were 46 beautifully decorated parade floats parked on display in Tiananmen Square, and I’ll post photos of some of them them soon, and tell you more about the other cities we visited then, too.


(That’s “thanks for reading” in Chinese…)

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