Modern Options for Restoring Facial Volume

fat transferYou’ve got a lot of options available when it comes to injectables these days. This great article from W Magazine showcases just a few of your possibilities.  Here at  Rejuvalife we have many options including Botox, Sculptra and Artefill. We can even do a procedure called fat transfer that takes fat cells from one area in your body and moves them to another. This is a great option if you want long lasting results or if you worry about allergic reactions.

Fat transfer procedures have many benefits. Let’s take at a few:

Natural Beauty Solution

One reason fat transfer is so popular is that it is a natural choice. Many people worry about the toxins that are putting inside of their body (hence the popularity of organic food). Fat transfer uses your own fat cells and is a natural solution that provides an instant, age defying lift.

Safe and Effective

With many injectable treatments allergic reactions are a risk, but not so with fat transfer. Since we are injecting your own cells, your body will recognize them and won’t react negatively to them. This makes the procedure very safe and highly effective.

Long Lasting Solution

The stunning results that often accompany a fat transfer procedure can last a long time, sometimes even permanently. The results are soft, smooth and completely natural looking.

Quick and Easy

This procedure only takes a couple of hours and most patients are able to return to work the very next day.

Restores Natural Beauty

As the body ages fat and volume are often lost from the delicate facial area. This leads to a tired, aged looking appearance. Fat transfer can fix the problem by restoring volume to youthful levels, often with dramatic results. It can be used to treat hollow cheeks, smile lines, thin lips, acne scars, a small chin and more.

More Information about Fat Transfer

If fat transfer sound like something you’d be interested in, contact our offices today for more information. You can also keep reading for a few more details about what you might experience during the procedure.

Most fat transfer procedures are completed in two to three hours in our offices. Local anesthetic is used to eliminate pain in both the donor and recipient areas. Dr. Berger uses a small sterile syringe and light suction to collect body fat for use in the transfer. The fat cells are then reinjected into areas requiring additional fullness. No cuts or stitches are required. Just beautiful results from a safe and natural procedure.

We’d love to help you once again achieve your most beautiful self. Fat transfer as performed by Dr. Andre Berger is a great option for safely adding long lasting volume without the risk of allergic reaction. Contact us today and schedule your appointment to learn more.


With over 25 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Berger has geared his practice towards the soothing and therapeutic side of cosmetic medicine. By specializing in anti-aging treatment along with cosmetic enhancement, his goal is to help each patient live a long, healthy, and beautiful life. Call us, or complete the form on this page.


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