Liquid Gold – Your Natural Option

Fat Grafting in Los Angeles, also popularly known as “liquid gold” in the aesthetics industry, is a safe and effective solution for naturally enhancing many different parts of the body. Using your own fat from a donor site has its unique benefits. While this method is great for some, there is a specific type of patient that may opt for this type of enhancement.

Who is a Candidate?

Fat transfer is best for a person who has enough excess fat on the would-be donor site of the body. This site should have ample fat to supplement the treatment area and still look full enough on its own for the patients liking. This type of enhancement is particularly good for the patient that would like to see they’re shaped slimmed down in one area and fuller in another. Additionally, read more about Fat Banking in our earlier blog!

What are the Benefits?

  • Fat grafting uses your fat tissue, eliminating any potential adverse reaction
  • Natural look & feel
  • Long lasting, will not be absorbed by the body like other fillers
  • Like other injectable treatments, there is little downtime required

Developments in Fat Grafting

In addition to the existing benefits of fat transfer, there is a new technology available that makes this already great treatment better. This advanced technique involves infusing and concentrating the fat with stem cells produced in your body. This infusion actually brings a regenerative quality to the treatment, making the results better dues to an increased blood supply.

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