How NutreVal Identifies Nutritional Imbalances

menopause hormone replacementOne of the best ways to transform how we look and feel is to create a diet and exercise program. Fitness experts regularly combine these two strategies for optimal success. Nevertheless, if you want to accomplish better overall health, these results can be maximized by paying attention to one crucial step from the get-go: conducting a nutritional and health assessment.

Once you know where you stand, an effective plan of action can be made to plug holes in a regular one-size-fits-all program. One recommendation for a comprehensive nutritional assessment is Nutreval, discussed below:

Target Areas Addressed With NutreVal

  • Metabolic Rate Analysis – is your body boosting its energy production with foods that are consumed? Find out with NutreVal.
  • Measuring Amino Acids – these essential acids directly affect our metabolic function, as well as nutrient absorption rates.
  • Essential Fatty Acids – many diet books tell us to steer clear of all things fat, but we all need essential fatty acids, in order to regulate temperature and other body functions. NutreVal tells us more.
  • Red Blood Cell Count – did you know that an analysis of the red blood cells can reveal toxicity levels from metals and other minerals? Learn more with NutreVal.
  • Anti-Oxidants – this word gets thrown around a lot. NutreVal uses a comprehensive tool to indicate stressors, reserves and more.
  • Risks – the program also identifies clients’ predisposition to certain chronic illnesses.

More assessments are included, and in order to provide the most accurate results, NutreVal requires blood and urine screens. Specific instructions will be given, such as discontinuing the use of certain medications prior to testing, or fasting for a 12-hour overnight period.

Who Can Benefit From NutreVal?

Conditions like depression and anxiety affect millions of people in the United States. Excessive tiredness caused by Fibromyalgia can also be treated or managed with diet changes, providing patients with much-needed energy.

Not surprisingly, professional athletes will routinely go through nutritional counseling to peak performance on the field – wherever this may be. If these programs are best for pro athletes, imagine what NutreVal can do for you.

Nutritional and lifestyle changes can improve some medical conditions, and make everyday life more controllable.

NutreVal wholly exemplifies the cardinal rule that we are what we eat.


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