Cell Phone Concerns Surface Again!

We’ve heard it before, the radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phone devices have been shown to affect brain activity.  Still, cell phones are a way of the future; every week there is a new savvy device on the market.  Considering how frequently the generations today use their cell phones, we should pay close attention to the findings of new cell phone studies.

There have been numerous studies performed in the past between cell phone use and brain cancer.  Although the results to these studies have often shown to be inconsistent or inconclusive, new studies have shown cell phones to have an acute effect on our brains.

Researchers have found that holding a cell phone to the ear for an extended period of time increases activity in regions of the brain closest to the antenna.  According to Nora Volkow, MD, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, glucose metabolism in the orbitofrontal cortex and temporal pole increased significantly when the phone was turned on and muted, compared with when it was off.

The most recent study conducted by Volkow and colleagues at Brookhaven National Laboratory enrolled 47 patients who had one cell phone placed on each ear while they lay in a PET scanner for 50 minutes.

The patients were scanned twice.  Once with the right cell phone turned on and a second time with both phones turned off.  The researchers discovered there was no difference in the whole brain metabolism, but the glucose metabolism in the regions closest to the antenna was significantly higher when the phone was turned on.   Later analyses confirmed that the regions of the brain expected to have the greatest absorption of radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields from cell phone exposure were the same areas that showed a higher glucose metabolism.

Although the current studies performed cannot show what the long-term implications might be and if there are any harmful or long-term consequences, we do know that there is an effect on the brain.  In conclusion, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in a headset and/or reduce cell phone use when possible.  While some people prefer verbal communication over texting, this information may have you thinking twice.  It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle!  Head over to Rejuvalife to discover the best ways to maintain your inner health and outer beauty.

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