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What’s The Difference Between Traditional Liposuction and SmartLipo?

Posted May 24, 2019

Smartlipo is a technique of liposuction using a laser that melts fat and offers skin tightening. A Smartlipo laser is a tool that a surgeon can use during liposuction. It can be used with local tumescent anesthesia rather than general anesthesia or IV sedation which can cause more risks. As with other forms of liposuction, … Read More

Stem Cell Therapy Working Miracles

Posted February 13, 2019

Did you know that one of the greatest paths to anti-aging medicine may already lie within you? Hidden deep within your fat cells lies a specialized type of cells: stem cells. These powerful cells have the ability to transform into other types of cells, renewing and rejuvenating tissues. Stem cells carry with them powerful growth … Read More

What to Expect with Kybella Treatments

Posted October 09, 2017

Kybella in Los Angeles is a breakthrough injectable developed to reduce the amount of fat under the chin. While many are very excited about this development, there are a few things that prospective patients should know before scheduling treatment. There are a few qualifying factors that make a patient a better candidate for Kybella, which … Read More

Rejuvalife Not Affiliated with Skin Care Products

Posted July 28, 2017

There are a variety of online sources and Facebook advertisements promoting a skin care line under the name “RejuvAlife” or other similar sounding names. We would like to clear the air and warn consumers to beware of this possible confusion. Rejuvalife & SkinCare Dr. Berger and his practice located in Beverly Hills, Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, … Read More

What is Nano Fat?

Posted December 30, 2016

At Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, we are dedicated to providing the most advanced methods of facial rejuvenation that requires only minimally invasive techniques. One of the several options offered at Rejuvalife includes Nano Fat Grafting, also known as micro-fat grafting to improve the appearance of aging facial skin. So what exactly is Nano Fat in Los … Read More

Video: Get a Nose Job in 10 Minutes

Posted March 02, 2016

Using injectables to improve the aesthetic of the nose can produce remarkable and natural-looking results – all without incisions surgical risks, or a lengthy recovery period. If you are interested in learning more about nonsurgical rhinoplasty, please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute online or by calling 310-276-4494 today to schedule your initial consultation at our Beverly … Read More

VIDEO: California Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Andre Berger Talks about Cellulite

Posted January 06, 2016

Cellulite can have a tremendous impact on your appearance, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andre Berger offers safe and effective cellulite treatments that can permanently reduce or completely eliminate this common aesthetic imperfection. To learn about the minimally invasive and long-lasting cellulite treatments offered by Dr. Berger, please … Read More

Beverly Hills Fat Transfer

Posted November 29, 2014

Did you know that Dr. Berger can take fat from places you don’t want it and put it into places you do, such as your breasts, the back of your hands, your lips, and your bottom? Did you know that he can even freeze your fat, so you can use it in the future instead … Read More

How to Delay a Facelift

Posted October 28, 2014

When you look in your mirror, do you see droops, sags, and bags that make you wonder if you need a facelift? Facelifts are in the news, most notably Renee Zellweger’s, who claims not to have had one but, in my opinion, had a great deal more than a little Botox® to make such substantial … Read More

Fat Transfer: Pretty Painless Plumping

Posted October 19, 2014

If you’d like a bit more bounce to your breasts or bottom; rounded, lifted cheeks; fewer facial wrinkles; and/or more youthful hands, look no further than the wonders of Fat Transfer. Using your own fat, you can enjoy the youthful fullness of well-placed fat instead of dermal fillers.   The Benefits of Fat Transfer Using … Read More

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