Digging Deeper Into Science to Stay Young: 3 Aging Facts You Might Not Know Yet

Age Management Los AngelesNo matter which angle you look at it, aging is inevitable. It happens and no one is exempted from the fine lines and sagging skin that comes with it. However, you can actually do something about it in slowing it down and making it work to your favor. The Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, led by Dr. Andre Berger, combines cutting-edge medical technologies, the latest trends in the science of beauty and the holistic preventive approach of the Eastern philosophies to come up with a Los Angeles Age Management Plan suitable for you.

Individualized Los Angeles Age Management Plan
Dr. Berger and his team formulate individualized treatments plans which is unique for each client. Your treatment plan could include one or more of the following:

  1. Hormone replacement therapy
  2. Lifestyle strategies
  3. Nutrition, fitness and weight loss
  4. Diagnosing testing
  5. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Staying Young and Healthy
While you’re already probably familiar with the basics to achieve optimum health such as getting enough sleep, getting regular exercise and incorporating more unprocessed foods into your diet, below are several facts concerning aging which you might not know yet and how you could use them to your advantage.

1. Recent studies on identical twins reveal that longevity and optimum health has to do with two-thirds lifestyle and behaviour and one-third genetics. Ideally, your body produces telomerase which automatically rebuilds and replenishes the end of your chromosomes which could wear off every time a cell reproduces. However, as you age, the production of telomerase in some parts of your body have limits.

You can delay the time limit of your telomerase production and avoid aging by avoiding chronic stress. Chronic stress has been shown to accelerate the production of telomerase and consequently shorten the chromosomal ends of the DNA amongst mothers of chronically ill children.

2. Every cell in your body houses the mitochondria, the ultimate venue in metabolizing energy from the food you ingest. Damage to this microscopic power plants in your body occurs when your body becomes inefficient in utilizing glucose and oxygen.

To help your body avoid the aforementioned inefficiency which often results to diabetes, cancer and brain-related diseases, you might want to help your mitochondria in efficiently doing their job by ingesting food with abundant antioxidants such as tomatoes, grapes, red wine, pomegranates and onions.

3. Glycosylation refers to the occurrence wherein the extra sugar molecules (glucose) floating in your bloodstream attaches themselves to the protein molecules, resulting to inflammation and diminishing their effectiveness. The extra sugar floating around is often a result of eating too much processed foods.

To help balance your body’s glucose levels, reduce your sugar intake from processed sources and go for fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

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