Bellafill for Acne Scars


Bellafill Can Help Get Rid of Acne Scars

We tend to think of acne as a problem for teenagers, as something we all grow out of. But that’s not necessarily accurate. It’s true that acne tends to strike most strongly during adolescence. There are many physiological and social reasons for that, from hormone production to hairstyles.

But for many people, acne is more problematic than a simple rite of passage. Acne and the scars they produce can have a dramatic impact on one’s confidence and self-esteem; acne scars can even affect one’s social life and career prospects.

Thankfully, there are treatments available for acne and acne scars. One of the most effective treatments on the market today is the use of Bellafill for acne scars and for scar mitigation. With just a few simple injections, our patients see an almost immediate and effectively permanent diminishment of their acne scars.
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For many patients, this leads to feelings of empowerment and self-esteem; as though everyone has stopped staring at their acne scars and, instead—finally, sees their faces. This makes Bellafill for acne scars a potent and popular option for many of our patients!

What is Bellafill?

Once known by the name Artefill, Bellafill is one of the most popular long-term dermal filler options available to patients today. “Dermal Fillers” are a class of injectables that also include Juvederm, Radiesse, and Voluma (among other popular options). They were originally developed to fill volume in the face in order to eliminate lines and wrinkles.

Bellafill has the distinction of being specially formulated in order to generate long-lasting results. Where as fillers such as Juvederm and Voluma can last upwards of eighteen months, results from Bellafill usually last anywhere between five and fifteen years, depending on the application.

By replacing volume in the face, Bellafill injections are able to diminish lines and wrinkles, generating a more youthful appearance to the face. Patients love the fact that they can come in, get a few injections, and be back to work without any downtime or recovery. For there reasons, and because of its long duration, Bellafill is often sought by patients who want a kind of non surgical facelift.

What are the Benefits of Bellafill for Acne Scars?

Bellafill injections for acne scars, as performed by Dr. Berger in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, have a few clear advantages over other acne scar treatments. In some cases, laser or other directed energy treatments may be the best way to eliminate acne scarring. However, for patients who are good candidates for Bellafill injections, the following benefits make a compelling case to choose this procedure:

  • Bellafill injections can be completed in a matter of minutes
  • Bellafill results can last for over five years
  • There is virtually no recovery time associated with Bellafill
  • Some results will be visible immediately (collagen production may improve some results over time)
  • Bellafill is completely non surgical, making it quick and easy for patients
  • The mitigation of acne scars can help patients feel more confident and assured

How Does Bellafill Get Rid of Acne Scars?

When Bellafill is injected into the face, it restores volume—that’s the primary way it eliminates lines and wrinkles. But it also encourages the skin to start producing collagen. And this collagen production is a big component of why Bellafill works to eliminates acne scars.

In fact, Bellafill is currently the only dermal filler FDA approved to treat acne scars. Bellafill injections are able to accomplish this due to several mechanisms. First, the collagen production that a Bellafill injection encourages has a rejuvenating effect on the skin—in particular in pitted acne scars. These pitted scars are “lifted” to the level of the rest of the skin.

Additionally, the relatively large and strong molecules of Bellafill create a strong structure that supports your rejuvenating skin. Essentially, this creates a kind of “matrix,” a network, of connections that add strength, support, and structure to your skin. This can help mask the appearance of acne scars.

How Does Bellafill for Acne Scars Work?

Patients who elect to mitigate their acne scars with Bellafill injections are first tested for any allergens to the product. Dr. Berger will then determine the best injection sites for your particular scar treatment. Bellafill injections work best on distensible facial acne scars, so those are the areas that will be targeted.

The patient may be instructed to hold ice or an icepack up to the injection site in order to minimize both discomfort and possible bruising. The injections themselves will only take several minutes to complete. In fact, most patients are in and out in less than thirty minutes (and some patients will even have their procedures performed on the same day as their consultation).

Once the injections are complete, patients are allowed to return to their normal activities.

Treat Your Acne Scars Today

There’s no reason you should have to suffer with treatable acne scars. If you want to know whether you can benefit from an injection of Bellafill for acne scars in Beverly Hills, please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute to schedule a confidential consultation. With a Bellafill injections you could find your acne scars significantly reduced and your confidence substantially boosted!


With over 25 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Berger has geared his practice towards the soothing and therapeutic side of cosmetic medicine. By specializing in anti-aging treatment along with cosmetic enhancement, his goal is to help each patient live a long, healthy, and beautiful life. Call us, or complete the form on this page.


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