6 Rules To Help You Choose The Best Filler For Your Needs

Bad cosmetic surgery is a common reality – articles and images are there to prove it all over Google. Truth is, many people go to the doctor’s office with a set mind – for instance, they’re thinking: “I just want my lips or my cheeks filled.” That’s just like a consumer going to the market thinking if they buy a head of lettuce, they’re going to be able to make a perfect salad. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple; many different elements need to be taken into account in order to achieve optimal results. Follow these six simple rules to avoid making costly and dangerous mistakes.

Rule # 1

When you decide to get injectable fillers, don’t think about it as a commodity. Rather than setting your mind on a specific brand or treatment, think of what’s going to work to make YOU look better. If you focus on what’s good for YOUR face, then you’re most likely getting realistic expectations. What’s the best product or combination of products to pick and where do I put them? That’s the right question to ask your doctor… which brings us to the next rule.

Rule # 2

A mistake many consumers make is thinking that they have the knowledge of what the defect is. Most of the time, they don’t. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we often focus on certain things that other people don’t even see. Do you want to make a correction that’s most obvious to you or a correction that everyone else will really notice? Do yourself a favor and leave it to your trusted doctor to guide you in the process. Forget the ads you’ve seen in magazines and your friends’ recommendations. Unless you’ve got the exact same issues, you most likely don’t need the same treatment.

Rule #3

For true, long-lasting improvements, choose a doctor who’s going take a good look at the whole picture before giving a recommendation. Your problems need to be addressed as a whole. First, you need to understand the anatomy of your face and, as you age, what the changes are and where they occur. This is slightly different in men and women. A good doctor will inform you about that and ask you about genetics, smoking habits, stress, lifestyle, nutrition and illnesses.

Rule # 4

Choose a fillers program with hopes of achieving a nice general contour rather than a Picasso-like face with one exaggerated feature. Proportions are everything.

Rule #5

When they say for instance: Restylane lasts for a year, it means that the effect of the filler can last UP TO a year. There will be a gradual loss of volume in the course of the last several months. No matter what type of filler you pick, it is highly recommended to go back to the doctor every 3-4 months. If anything has been lost, then it’s time to add a little more. This allows you to harness the maximal effect of the filler.

Rule #6

It’s super important for people to understand that just like weight, you can’t treat your face like a yoyo: full / depleted / full / depleted. It is much better to go for a “refill” more often with less material and keep a constant improvement. Once you get to your goal, the key is maintenance.

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