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Video: Natural Breast Augmentation and Cup Size Explained by California Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Andre Berger

Posted February 29, 2016 in Natural Breast Augmentation

How much of an increase in breast cup size can be achieved through a natural breast augmentation procedure? About 1½ – 2. Natural breast augmentation uses fat from your own body to produce a fuller and more womanly appearance without looking overly enhanced. To learn if natural breast augmentation can help you reach your goals, … Read More

Video: Dr. Andre Berger on How Long Natural Butt Augmentation Lasts

Posted February 15, 2016 in Butt Lift

Natural butt augmentation can produce a more attractive profile for a number of years, but how long results last depends on a variety of factors. Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andre Berger uses advanced natural butt augmentation techniques to produce long-term fat graft survival and takes time to educate patients on lifestyle changes that can … Read More

RejuvAlife is NOT Affiliated with RejuvIAlife Products

Posted February 05, 2016 in Skin Care

A number of websites and ads on Facebook and other social media outlets have been promoting and selling face creams under the name RejuvAlife or variations thereof. Please beware that Beverly Hills Rejuvalife Vitality Institute and Dr. Andre Berger are NOT affiliated with these products such as eye serum, face cream and vitamins online and … Read More

Video: Meet Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Berger

Posted February 01, 2016 in Press

A pioneer in the field of anti-aging medicine, Dr. Andre Berger has decades of experience helping men and women in the Beverly Hills area reach their aesthetic goals through targeted and personalized treatment options. Taking a holistic approach to cosmetic treatments, Dr. Berger offers a range of minimally invasive procedures to provide natural and beautiful … Read More