The 3 Causes of Male Menopause

Male menopause hits around the mid-life mark. Are you there yet?

A common misconception is that men do not go through menopause as they age. While “menses” does refer to the female fertility cycle, men do experience hormone deficiency as they age , which is commonly referred to as andropause.”  Although men do not experience sudden symptoms like hot flashes, the decrease in hormones can cause a whole host of problems. Fortunately, there are a number of options available to combat the effects of aging and decrease of hormones.  A closer look at the most vital hormones reveals the role that each one plays in a man’s life.

1. A Decrease in Testosterone

The most obvious male hormone is testosterone, which influences many different aspects from physical muscle mass to cognitive function and more. Low testosterone levels can result in hair loss, lack of energy and sexual dysfunction. Low testosterone has even been linked with Alzheimer’s Disease.

2. Low Levels of Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone is typically associated with height in children, but it is responsible for a whole lot more than that.  Human Growth Hormone plays a role in calcium retention and bone strength, immune system function and blood sugar levels. Low levels could result in weight gain and cardiovascular problems.

3. A Decrease in Progesterone and Estrogen 

These hormones are typically associated with women, but the truth is that both men and women produce progesterone and estrogen, though obviously in different proportions. Normally progesterone controls the effects of estrogen in men. However, as men age, progesterone levels drop, leaving estrogen unchecked in the male body. Low levels of progesterone can lead to mood swings, depression and enlargement of the prostate.

What’s the solution?

In short, hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone therapy can have dramatic effects on aging and the andropause process, but not all of these hormones decrease at the same rate, so treatment can get a little complicated. Too little hormones will be ineffective while too many will cause unwanted risks and side effects. When considering hormone therapy, it is important to see someone who is trained and experienced enough to determine a safe and effective treatment for you.  If you are looking for more information on hormone therapy, anti-aging or botox in Los Angeles, there’s no better place than Rejuvalife Vitality Institute.

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