Your Chronological Age vs. Your Biological Age

When someone asks you the question, “How old are you?” they are really asking about your chronological age. In other words, they are referring to your age based on the year you were born. But there is a difference between your chronological age and your biological age. As a result, some 50-year-old bodies are actually older than others from a biological perspective.

The rate at which your body ages is impacted by both genetic and environmental factors. In general, the breakdown of the importance of each factor on the way you age is as follows:

  • 30% genetic makeup
  • 70% environmental factors (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, etc.)

As a result, the way you live your life has a significant impact on your own personal aging process. This means that you have a tremendous opportunity to make important lifestyle changes that can slow your biological aging process and extend your life.

In particular, these lifestyle changes can impact the length of your telomeres, which are caps at the end of your chromosomes. By making the right lifestyle choices, you can keep your telomeres longer, which will extend your biological age. Conversely, poor lifestyle habits that shorten your telomeres will ultimately lead to a shorter lifespan.

In the following video, Dr. Andre Berger discusses the impact of telomeres on your personal aging process in greater detail.

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