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What Does SPF Mean?

Posted July 06, 2015 in Anti-Aging Medicine

You’ve seen it on sunscreens, lotions, and cosmetics – but wat does SPF mean? And more importantly, what does it do?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and provides information on how well a product protects the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. The higher the SPF, the more protection is offered. Understanding how much protection is crucial to help prevent premature signs of aging and other potentially harmful consequences of long-term sun exposure.

The easiest way to look at the effectiveness of a product’s SPF is in terms of hours. For example, if you apply a product with SPF 15, you can anticipate 150 minutes – roughly two and a half hours – of sun protection. Likewise, an SPF of 30 offers 300 minutes, about five hours, of protection against burns.

Beverly Hills anti-aging physician Dr. Andre Berger encourages regular reapplication of sun screen when continued exposure is expected. Even with an SPF of 30 it is best to reapply every two hours for general protection – more often if you are swimming or sweating.

Regular use of sunscreen is important, but may not fully prevent sun damage and premature aging. If you are experiencing changes to the skin cased, by sun exposure, please contact Rejuvalife online or by calling 310-276-4494 to schedule an appointment at our Beverly Hills office.