Using Injectable Fillers for a More Youthful Look

Many of us are looking for ways to keep a youthful, fresh look. However, as we age, we begin to lose the fat and collagen found beneath the skin, which can result in wrinkled, saggy skin. Additionally, sun damage, genetics, trauma, disease, and scarring can add to a less-than-youthful appearance.

Injectable wrinkle fillers are a great alternative to a traditional facelift to bring back a youthful look. Injectable fillers are also less expensive, and take less time.

Injectable fillers are not like Botox, which relaxes the muscles under a wrinkle. Rather, they fill the crease or line with different substances, resulting in those crease and wrinkles to nearly disappear.

These fillers can also be used as “volumizers” to plump and lift the cheeks, fill out thin lips, as well as plump up sagging hands.

Different Types of Injectable Fillers

There are several different types of fillers available. It’s important to understand that you find the right filler for the type of wrinkles and creases you want to get rid of. Popular fillers include Restaylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse — each having its own applications to help you achieve the desired result.

Newer, Longer Lasting Fillers

While most fillers do provide lasting results, there are a couple of new fillers that are providing even longer results.

    • ~Artefill is a wrinkle treatment that is ideal for people who are looking for longer lasting results that most temporary fillers cannot give. It is also the first and only FDA approved non-reabsorbable wrinkle filler that provides permanent wrinkle correction for up to five years in many cases. Artefill is made of PMMA or polymethylacrilate and is injected into the skin where the microspheres are subsequently surrounded by the body’s own collagen. This collagen holds the filler firmly in place to provide lasting results.

~Juvederm Voluma XC is a new injectable gel from Allergan that is approved by the FDA to add volume to the cheek area. It can also restore facial contours and improve lines around the cheeks, chin, and cheekbones. This new filler is exciting because results are immediate and can help restore a more youthful look for up to two years.

Choosing the Right Filler for You

With so many different fillers available, it is important to choose the best one for you. You should consult with a knowledgeable and experienced physician to help you make this decision, so you are ensured the best possible results.


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