The Ugly Truth about Holiday Weight Gain

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Is this you after the holidays?

Most people know that there is a propensity to gain weight around the holidays. What they may not know is that this holiday weight gain is largely responsible for the general yearly weight gain that occurs during much of life. Since being overweight puts a strain on the heart and other organs, it is important to be cognizant of how and when weight gain occurs and if it can be avoided.

How Much Weight Does the Average Person Gain During the Holiday Season?

Scientific studies show that people tend to exaggerate their holiday weight gain, stating that they gained five to ten pounds during a holiday season. However, people do gain weight during the holidays with the average gain being around a pound every year. This weight is never lost by the majority of people. Since the average American adult gains one to two pounds a year, holiday weight gain can be considered mostly or totally responsible for midlife increases of the waist.

Things are worse for people who are already overweight. Although the average American adult gains a pound over the holidays, people who are overweight gain more. Overweight people can expect to gain five or more pounds during the holiday season. Scientific studies show that even small amounts of weight loss can be good for overall health so it follows that even small amounts of weight gain can be bad for people.

What’s the solution?

There is some evidence that people who are overweight have bodies that handle food differently. This may be due to hormones and other signals produced by fat cells which once created never disappear. What this means is that when a person gains weight they produce more fat cells but when they lose weight these fat cells simply shrink in size while continuing to produce hormones.

This means that people who are thin but used to be fat may have different metabolisms than thin people who were never overweight. There is little scientific evidence of the possibility, but there is some hope that laser liposuction as well as the conventional procedures might be of help in these cases. Unlike natural weight loss, liposuction removes the fat cells and might decrease the amount of hormones produced, returning the person’s body to a natural, thin balance.

If you have had enough of holiday weight gain, consider scheduling a consultation for laser liposuction. While a one pound weight gain for an average-sized person during the holidays is not good, it is better than the five pounds overweight people tend to gain.

Holiday weight gain is a fact of life for many but it doesn’t have to remain that way after liposuction. Very few people gain weight simply because of the meals they ate on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Most of the fault lies with repeated meals of high-calorie, energy-dense foods during the entire holiday season. Consciously limiting your intake to holidays themselves can help you keep off the pounds in the future.

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