Rejuvalife Vitality Institute - Los Angeles & Beverly Hills
Body-Jet Lipo offers better results with less discomfort & minimal downtime

I talked recently about the newest procedure at Rejuvalife, and now that I’ve been performing the procedure for a few weeks, I’m even more excited that it’s available, and even more so that it’s here at Rejuvalife. Its safer, and more precise, with very little discomfort or downtime for the patient. It can be done in conjunction with other skin tightening treatments such as Smartlipo, though the skin is left in excellent condition post-procedure with Body-Jet alone! Also, we can use the extracted fat within minutes in a Fat Transfer treatment to restore volume to the face and/or hands, in desired.

I talk about the benefits and advantages of Body-Jet over other liposculpture methods in the video below, and there are some amazing before and after photos, too.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment on the blog or give us a call – 800-REJUVMD.

Andre Berger, M.D.