Stem Cells May Treat Brain Cancer- Imagine What They Can Do For Your Skin

Stem Cell for Facial Rejuvenation

Researchers at John Hopkins University have recently discovered that stem cells (derived from a patient’s own fat) may show promise in treating brain cancer. The stem cells have a unique ability to seek out damaged cells and could potentially be used to destroy cancer cells in hard to access areas of the brain. If stem cells are being touted as a potential treatment for brain cancer, imagine what benefits they can bring to your skin. Stem cells might be the secret weapon you need for a younger looking face, fuller breasts or rejuvenated hands.

What Are Stem Cells?

When most people think of stem cells they think of embryonic stem cells, a type of stem cell that is created using fertilized eggs. The stem cells used in the John Hopkins research and in cosmetic treatment in our offices are different. These stem cells are derived from a patient’s own fat cells. They are special regenerative cells that can repair damaged cells and generate new cells. Since they are derived from your own fat, no donor is needed. Stem cells are ready and waiting right inside of your own body.

How Are the Stem Cells Obtained?

For our stem cell rejuvenation procedures (including facial rejuvenation and natural breast augmentation) we extract fat from your own body using advanced liposuction. Almost everyone has a little extra fat, so finding these cells isn’t a problem. The extraction is done right in our offices in a short, easy procedure. The extracted fat is then placed in a special device that isolates the stem cells. The cells are then concentrated and enriched. Your stem cells are combined with your fat cells and the mixture is injected to fill in lines, plump up skin and enhance your natural beauty.

Why Stem Cells?

As we learn more about stem cells, we are finding more and more uses for them. Stem cells are used in a variety of applications from treating diseases like Alzheimer’s and brain cancer as well as in cosmetic treatments. The unique abilities of these specialized cells are what make them so special. Just as they can seek out damaged cells in the brain, they may also be able to repair damage in the skin and help your body to create its own natural volume once again.

Another benefit of this procedure is a lack of allergic reaction. Since your body’s own cells are used, there is no risk of allergic reaction like with other injectable fillers. Using the body’s own cells makes sense.

If you’re looking for the latest treatments for creating ageless beauty, stem cells might be your solution. Researchers are discovering more uses for these amazing cells all of the time, but here at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute we already know just how amazing stem cells can be. We’ve seen great results in many of our patients and would love to talk with you about the type of results you might expect from a stem cell rejuvenation procedure yourself. Contact our offices today and schedule an appointment to learn more about the many beauty benefits of stem cells.


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