Skincare: How to Keep Your Skin Moist During the Dry Winter Months


Winter is not the time to let your skin routine go into hibernation. During these cold, and often dry, months your skin needs some extra attention to keep moisture levels even. Whether it’s the outside elements chapping your skin, or the harsh heat of an indoor heater causing flakes and discomfort, you’ll need to protect the delicate outer layer of your skin against all the elements.

Here are some easy skin-saving tips to get you through the winter!

1. Moisturize! It seems obvious, but most people think they can get by the whole year with the same moisturizer. Kudos to you if you have taken the time to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type, but you also have to have at least one other option for when the climate turns cold. Look for the appropriate oils to put on your face, like avocado, primrose, or almond oil. These are good bets because they won’t clog your pores. Humectants, which attract moisture to the skin, are also added benefits to your moisturizer. Glycerine, sorbitol, and alpha-hydroxy acids all qualify as humectants. Bonus: It’s best to apply moisturizer as soon as possible after the skin gets wet, before the water evaporates from the face.

2. Sunscreen isn’t just for summer. Apply a light, non-greasy formula to your skin to protect against glare. This is especially important if you’ll be in snowy conditions. Don’t forget to reapply après ski!

3. Hands and feet need more moisture, too. The thin skin on hands and feet means you’ll need to pay extra attention when moisturizing. Use a heavier moisturizer in these areas, reapplying to the hands every time you wash them to lock in that moisture.

4. Lips need to stay kissable! Stay away from lip balms with added flavors or colors, as these dry out the skin. You can use a wet, wrung out wash cloth to gently buff your lips, removing dead skin cells before sealing them with a natural lip balm. Look for an emollient lip balm that will act as a barrier against the harsh elements.

5. Shorter showers are better for your skin. To keep skin from drying out in the winter months, don’t take hot showers, though they may feel great. Hot water will strip the layer of lipids from your skin in a flash, leaving you much more exposed to the drying effects of winter. Exfoliate only once a week during the season and only at the end of your shower when the pores have opened up. Moisturize within minutes of finishing your shower to maximize the amount of moisture you trap in your skin.

6. As an added measure, Rejuvalife offers an Oxygen Facial that renews dull skin cells with a pure oxygen mist that absorbs directly into the top layers of the skin for deep hydration in these drying times. On top of a well-maintained skin routine, the Oxygen Facial is a luxurious treatment to help speed up cell turnover and reduce fine lines, which can become more obvious when skin is not hydrated.

Winter doesn’t need to be an uncomfortable time for your skin. Take care of it with these tips, and you’ll sail right into the bright days of spring with smooth, bright skin!


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