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Acne is caused when your pores become blocked due to the presence of oil. When the oil gets in your pores, bacteria begins to grow there. Your body detects the bacteria and in defense, attacks the bacteria, which results in inflammation. It is common for people with acne to want to scrub their skin or use harsh products, but don’t!  It often makes acne worse. In order to improve your acne, you need to approach it with gentle hands and gentle products.

Prevent Acne

Prevent Acne with these tips.

 photo credit: Shandi-lee via photopin cc

To prevent bacteria from growing within your pores, try these five tips.

1. Wash your face daily with lukewarm water
2. Never pick or pop a pimple. Let the skin heal.
3. Use a mild, alcohol-free face wash.
4. Avoid excessive sun
5. Moisturize

Keep these tips in mind and your skin will be clear and stay clear. For more skin care tips or for information on stem cell therapy in Los Angeles get in contact with Dr. Berger at 310.856.9173.