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Lashes with Benefits?

Posted March 26, 2010 in Uncategorized


It may surprise you to know that Latisse®, originally created to treat glaucoma patients but subsequently found to be a fabulous lash growth product, has some pretty impressive “side effects.”

Made from a compound called Bimatoprost, a version of Latisse® for hair growth on the scalp is now being explored, as well as using Latisse® for bushier brows, like those sported by Megan Fox or Kiera Knightly.  The future also looks rosy for Bimatoprost in the hair-loss industry, although treatments to regrow hair with Latisse® may be costly compared with current hair growth creams and hair replacement procedures.

The most exciting potential use for Bimatoprost is that it’s been shown to reduce fat in mammals. Imagine being injected and losing weight for weeks afterwards! Don’t start wolfing cheeseburgers yet, however, as it will take years for the FDA to approve it for that purpose. So, in the meantime, we’ll all get back to the treadmill, but if you want longer, fuller lashes, stop in at the office and pick up some Latisse® to grow the longest, most lush eyelashes since the invention of mascara.