Basics of Human Growth Hormone Therapy

human growth hormone basicsWhen it comes to the human growth hormone, it is important to maintain healthy levels in the body for an optimal health span. However, as we age, our HGH production can begin to decline, often causing negative effects. There are many signs and symptoms of HGH decline, including osteoporosis, obesity, mental confusion, decreased immunity, and cardiovascular problems. If you think you may be suffering from HGH deficiency, Dr. Berger in Beverly Hills may be able to help with human growth hormone therapy. Read on to learn more about this treatment option.

Understanding HGH

The human growth hormone is one of many hormones that humans need in order to function optimally. The key to understanding the role of growth hormone is to recognize that it is only one instrument in the hormone orchestra that we have. Just as in an orchestra, you have many instruments; no one instrument is the entire orchestra. Each instrument needs to be in tune to result in beautiful music. The same idea applies to growth hormone. It is one hormone among many, and it needs to be in tune for an optimally functioning human being.

Growth hormone is important in early life until the age of about 20 to 22 for optimal growth and development. After that, its importance continues because it plays a very significant role in maintaining cellular function. HGH is what we call an anabolic hormone. It helps to build and maintain tissues, as opposed to a catabolic hormone which could cause the breakdown of tissues. Growth hormone is very important throughout life, and youthful levels are associated with more maintenance of healthy tissues and a higher quality of life of patients. However, it is not a solution for all medical issues, and it is not an appropriate treatment for patients that do not have a medical diagnosis of adult growth hormone deficiency. Once that diagnosis is made, replacement of growth hormone will predictably improve the quality of life measures for patients.

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