Get the Best of Both Worlds With Natural Breast Augmentation

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No more hiding behind that cover up.

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There is a new option that is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for breast enhancement – natural breast augmentation.  Learn what it is – and isn’t. 

Most girls go through an awkward phase where they are dissatisfied or uncomfortable with their breasts, but for some these feelings linger far longer than than is healthy. It’s understandable that many women do not consider breast augmentation an option – for decades they have been associated with artificial implants, painful surgery, and negative social stigma. But there is a new option that is rapidly becoming the preferred choice – natural breast augmentation.  Natural breast augmentation is simply the transfer of fat from one part of the body into the breasts.  This method offers countless benefits over traditional procedures; here are just a few of them.

Natural Looking Results

A large portion of the natural breast is fatty tissue, and traditional methods aim to replicate this. But as with most things, nothing beats the real deal, and that’s what makes natural breast augmentation such a great choice.  The end result is fuller, more contoured breasts that look and feel natural.

Fat Removal From Other Areas of the Body

In order to transfer fat to the breasts, fat needs to be taken from somewhere else like the stomach or thighs – no complaints there!  Just think of it as an added bonus to complete your look.

No Risk of Rejection

One serious complication with implants is the risk that the body will reject the implant because it is a foreign object.  By comparison, a natural fat transfer comes from your own body, and becomes a natural part of the breast.

No Surgery, No Scars

The fat is gently transferred without the need for general anesthesia or cutting. This method allows for a completely natural look with no scars in sight.

No Repairs Needed

Traditional breast implants can rupture, become hard or become lop-sided and show signs of rippling. Often times they must be replaced or repaired (many times more than once) to correct these problems. Natural breast augmentation uses only your own fat, which is able to grow with you, move with you and become part of you.

Natural breast augmentation can change not only the way you look, but the way you feel as well. If you’ve always wanted the confidence of fuller, more contoured breasts without the drawbacks of traditional implants, natural breast augmentation can give you the best of both worlds.

For more information about using fat transfers for breast augmentation, hand rejuvenation or facelift alternatives in Southern California, talk to the leading experts at Rejuvalife.


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