Food Choices Supersede Genetics

A recent study has revealed that though a genetic predisposition to obesity creates a risk for obesity 2.5 times higher than for

A low-fat diet is most always a good idea.

A low-fat diet is most always a good idea.

those with no predisposition, this “fat gene” is effectively neutralized for those who follow a low-fat, nutrient-rich diet!

This means even if you’re inherently predisposed to become obese, you can wrest some control of your genetic makeup simply by eating well. Talk about a reason to keep your soup clean! This research is a powerful weapon we have in our own hands that allows us to combat obesity from the comfort of our own homes!

” ‘This means that the critical factor is what you eat. At least in the case of the FTO gene, the most important obesity gene identified so far,’ says Emily Sonestedt, member of Marju Orho-Melanders research group at Lund University Diabetes Centre.

The finding that the harmful effects of the gene can be cancelled by changing eating habits could, combined with mapping of the effects of other obesity genes, lead to better and more individualized nutritional counseling for those that want to avoid gaining weight.

“This shows that we are not slaves to our genes. Even if we are born with an inherited predisposition to obesity, lifestyle is important” says Emily Sonestedt. (more – link)

For more information on diagnostic testing to determine your genetic predispositions, visit our website, here: Rejuvalife Diagnostic Testing or view the video below.

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