Finding the Motivation to Work Out

How many of you have started a new gym membership, went every other day the first couple weeks, then soon lost motivation and now you’re lucky to make it a few times a month. Finding your motivation is key to staying with an exercise plan, and making it a regular part of your anti-aging lifestyle. Certain simple lifestyle changes, techniques and mindsets can help to keep motivation steadily high.

Use a scale every day – Weigh yourself first thing every morning without heavy clothes, before breakfast, and after using the bathroom.  Studies have shown that people who weigh themselves regularly lose more weight and keep the pounds off more effectively than those who don’t. Being aware of your weight can put you more in tune with the factors that cause it to go up and down, to track your progress on a diet or fitness plan, and to allow you to adjust accordingly as weight fluctuates.

It’s all in the mind – Studies of elite athletes have shown that the ideal ratio of pre-event visualization to physical training is 70-30. That’s seventy percent visualization. Just psyching yourself up while strength training can increase up to 8%. Visualizing doing perfect benchpresses can add about 12% more power than being distracted. Repeating affirmations or mantras during endurance exercises can help increase stamina and performance.

Plan ahead – Chances are, if you are not planning your workouts in advance and scheduling around them, something will come up or you will find an excuse to skip workouts. The morning is the best time to work out. Not only can early morning workouts have beneficial effects on your mental and physical health throughout the day, but people’s days tend to get busier as the day moves on, and they are less likely to be interrupted by things coming up before the start of the work day.

Consistency is Key – “Well, maybe I wont work all week, but I’ll take a really long run on Sunday.” That’s the equivalent of saying “well, maybe I wont brush my teeth all week, but I’ll brush them extra long on Sunday.” Your body will begin to lose conditioning only three days after stopping working out. Adults should work out at least 30 minutes, 5 times per week. There are significant additional health benefits for working out an hour a day, 5 times per week. Recent studies have found that even 15 minutes of exercise a day have incredible health benefits.

With a little help from my friends – Studies have shown that having an exercise partner or group can help you stay with an exercise routine. Not only are you committing to yourself, but you’re making a commitment to someone else, which makes it that much harder to break. You can also help each other track progress, keep things fun, and support and motivate each other. Running with a partner, in a group, or in a public event can increase performance, because of an aspect of social comparison and often competition.

Set your sights – Signing up for a specific event or having a very specific fitness or health goal in mind can dramatically improve your motivation and help you stay on track. If you know you have to be in shape for a marathon in 3 months, you will be able to figure out better how much you need to be running to accomplish the goal. If  your goal is unclear or nebulous, it is hard to track progress and to stay on course.

Do what you love – Working out should not be tedious! If you hate the elliptical machine, it’s going to be hard to committing 2 hours a week to using it. And why would you? There are so many fun, challenging, and unique ways to stay in shape. Whether it’s basketball, kayaking, hiking, skiing, surfing, jumping on a trampoline, martial arts, or even gardening, there are so many activities to choose from that burn major calories and that you can actually look forward to doing. It’s much easier to stay motivated when your workout isn’t a chore you feel you have to do, but something you genuinely enjoy. And if you really don’t like any other physical activity, at least can sex burn 85 calories or more in a half an hour.

The wave of the future – Modern technology has made incredible innovations geared to make exercise more fun, effective, and accessible. You can now where a sensor on your wrist that’s linked to an app that can keep track of your heart rate, calories burned, steps, workouts, and diet, while GPS tracking the distance of your runs. One app even let’s you take a picture of your meal, and it will tell you how many calories and carbs it has. Recent have studies have found that personal mobile exercise management apps improve weight loss. Certain exercise related and physically active video games have been shown to be effective for weight loss and fitness. Investing a little bit in engaging gadgetry and gear can motivate you to put it to use more. After all, you want to get your money’s worth.

Staying on a fitness plan isn’t always easy, but making your health a priority can help you grit your teeth and workout even when it’s tough. Making these simple lifestyle changes can help you stay on track. Rejuvalife Vitality Institute is here to support your health and wellbeing goals. We offer comprehensive Fitness and Nutrition Plans, Nutritional Supplements, Lifestyle Management, and Medically Supervised Weight Loss.

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