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Fatty Acid Levels Contribute to Disease!

Posted March 12, 2010 in Fitness & Nutrition

Albert Einstein College of Medicine performed an experiment with young,  healthy, weight-appropriate volunteers in hopes of identifying whether fatty acids in the bloodstream contribute to disease.  It’s long been thought that inflammation in cells contributes to heart disease. In fact, a specific blood test, called a CRP, can measure the level of inflammation and is a direct correlation to the likelihood of developing heart disease.

In this particular experiment, young health adults were injected with fatty acids until their levels were approximately that of those with obesity and diabetes. What were the results? The volunteers developed signs of diabetes and inflammation.

The study shows that the real danger comes from excess fatty acids, that the fat in the blood stream activates inflammatory cells. Dr. Timothy Johnson, one of the researchers, states that it’s possible to reduce the fat in one’s body with a diet low in saturated fat, as well as an increase in exercise to trim down and reduce the amount of inflammation-causing fat on one’s body.

This is exactly what we propose in the 5-Star Wellness program at Rejuvalife, along with stress management, hormone balancing, nutritional supplementation and more–a complete lifestyle strategy and weight management program to improve both your outlook and your “look.”

Click this link to see the presentation on ABC