Dysport Goes After Botox, Head-On

In the U.S., Botox has been King-of-the-Hill for fighting facial lines and wrinkles for 20 years. A new contender, used successfully for years in Europe,  looks like it’s about to give Botox a run for its money! Called Dysport (pronounced “diss-port”) this slightly different formulation of botulinum toxin type A was recently approved by the FDA, and reportedly works faster and lasts longer than Botox. It may be better for those who have become too tolerant to Botox, and personally, I think it allows for a finer degree of sculpting in the area. (In some instances may save you some money, since the dosage is not 0ne-for-one between the two.)

I recently had a question come into the website about Dysport, and since it’s becoming a very popular beauty and anti-aging topic, I’ve given a more detailed answer in an “Ask Dr. Berger” video.

Thanks for reading, and watching!

Andre Berger, M.D.

p.s. Yes, we have Dysport!


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