Dr. Berger’s 5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Health in 2013

Health Management Los AngelesThe majority of us want to start the New Year with the best intentions, particularly when it comes to one’s health. Dr. Andre Berger and his staff at the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute believe that a Los Angeles lifestyle management plan should allow you to thrive with mental clarity, a zest for living, and a physically active lifestyle for the years to come. While consistency is the key to getting back on track, there are a lot of best practices you can actually do to keep those health resolutions going for the rest of the 365 days you have this year.

1. Go outside. This might come out as a surprise but a lot of people living in first world countries are now deprived of the much needed sunshine vitamin as a result of spending more time indoors. We do not have to cite the numerous benefits of Vitamin D to convince you to go outside; your science teacher in grade school has probably fill you in with such valuable lessons. Go out, take a walk, breathe some fresh air and play some frisbee!

2. Take a brisk walk. As mentioned in the first tip, going out for a brisk walk is one simple way for you to improve your health and overall well-being this year. A brisk walk lasting for 20 to 30 minutes for 4 to 5 times a week has been shown to keep your heart in shape, increase circulation and boosts your immune system. So shall we walk?

3. Toss out the junk. Processed foods are the main culprit for today’s most prevalent medical conditions – from stroke to diabetes to certain forms of cancer. If possible, forego the fatty, salty, greasy and sugary food choices.

4. Go for healthy snacking. Now that you’ve toss out the junk food, you can choose healthy food items for your snacks. Excellent examples include fresh fruits, raw nuts, dried fruits, chopped vegetables and a small piece of dark chocolate.

5. Wake up early and eat breakfast. This duo of morning habits is a surefire way to start a healthy lifestyle this year. Apart from being able to do a lot for the entire day, you are most likely to benefit from waking up early by doing some physical activity for 30 minutes before starting  your day.

As for eating breakfast, skipping this most important meal of the day will most likely have you extra hungry before lunchtime and you might end up overeating. An ideal breakfast is a combination of lean protein, high-fiber carbs and a portion of fruits and vegetables. Go for oats, whole wheat bread, bananas, eggs and lean meat for breakfast.

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