Bellafill for Acne Scars

bellafill acne scar treatmentIf you are or have suffered from severe acne in the past, you know that the aftermath of acne is almost as bad as the active acne itself. Severe acne can leave behind dark red pigmentation and worse, textural issues that cause depressions in the skin. Now there’s Bellafill in Los Angeles that can be used to improve the appearance of acne scarring by adding volume. Bellafill is the first FDA-Approved dermal filler for the treatment of acne scars, lasting up to one year.

How does Bellafill work?

Bellafill improves the appearance of scars through the addition of volume in the pitted areas, to bring them up to the same level as the surrounding the skin. By creating a more even surface to the skin’s area, the skin will look uniform and the leftover effects of acne will be less noticeable. Bellafill’s tiny microspheres suspended in a collagen gel are injected into the skin and immediately add volume.

However, that is not the only way Bellafill can aid your skin in the treatment of atrophic acne scarring. Bellafill microspheres also act as supportive structures that allow your own collagen to build on over time. Therefore, after one year once the body has metabolized the Bellafill your own collagen will still be there. Unlike other fillers, Bellafill lasts up to a year and provides further collagen improvement.

Bellafill: Acne Scarring Results

The results from Bellafill are immediate as well as lasting. The filler will immediately add volume to the skin depressions. Bellafill will also promote your own collagen production well after the filler fades. Dr. Berger will work with you to help you get your ideal result for filling acne scars. Dr. Berger is an expert injector and has years of experience with the art of injectable fillers and cosmetics.

If you are interested in learning more about Bellafill injections and how they can help you soften the signs of acne scarring, contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Andre Berger.


With over 25 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Berger has geared his practice towards the soothing and therapeutic side of cosmetic medicine. By specializing in anti-aging treatment along with cosmetic enhancement, his goal is to help each patient live a long, healthy, and beautiful life. Call us, or complete the form on this page.


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