7 Secrets To Younger Looking Skin

Have the skin you’ve always dreamed of…Photo by MyTudut.

Having younger, tighter skin is very important to us especially as we grow older, and although there are many great procedures and surgical options that can help you look younger, there are a few natural ways to help your skin as well. So before becoming a patient inside of a botox Los Angeles treatment center,  here are a few treatments and products to make your skin look its best.

1. Eat Chocolate

  • Music to your ears, right? But it’s not exactly what you think. Many skin care spas and centers make good use of this popular treat within their skin care products because chocolate contains cocoa, which contains a great amount of antioxidants and flavanols that makes your skin smoother and softer and gives it a healthy glow. So a bit of chocolate in your diet may benefit your skin, your thighs probably won’t thank you in the long run.

2. Use Grapeseed Extract

  • Because collagen is produced naturally inside of your body and is responsible for keeping the skin tight, it’s important to keep the levels of collagen high. But as we get older, collagen production begins to decrease, which causes the skin to sag. Grapeseed extract naturally increases the production of collagen inside of your body and as an added bonus, contains silicon, which keeps your skin smooth and healthy.

3. Apply Astringent Herbs

  • Widely known for their skin tightening effects, astringent herbs have a variety of  benefits for your skin. Horsetail, plantain, witch hazel and shepard’s purse are some of the astringent herbs that can be applied directly on your face and skin and be used to treat eczema and acne.

4. Use Moisturizer that Contains Keratin Protein

  • Mother of Pearl, or nacre, contains conchiolin and calcium, which is a type of keratin protein that regenerates collagen in our bodies. Keratin is the same protein that produces the collagen that helps our hair and nails grow also. This protein is essential in maintaining youthful skin, so find moisturizing products that contain keratin protein.

5. Eat Olives

  • Found inside of olives, squalane has been described as a “natural facelift” and is present in our skin through our teens and early adulthood. Squalane helps protect your skin from sun damage and prevents dark spots, but unfortunately, the amount of squalane we produce dramatically decreases around 25 years of age, so try to add a few more olives to your diet.

6. Sleep with a Silk Pillow

  • Replace your cotton pillow cases with silk ones. Because silk contains copper, which is a trace mineral also found in our bodies, helps prevent facial wrinkles. The copper present in silk also help encourage the production of collagen, which is important for the reasons explained earlier.

 7. Drink Green Tea

  • With high levels of antioxidants called polyphenols, green tea protects skin against free radicals that damage cells. Coupled with antioxidants, green tea prevents skin lines, sun spots and skin cancer. Try drinking 1 cup of green tea each day.

Got any skincare secrets to add?  Leave a comment below!


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