5 Common Misconceptions About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Is testosterone replacement therapy right for you?

Hormones play a vital role in our lives and influence both mental and physical characteristics.  In men, testosterone is one of the key hormones that is essential for quality of life.  However as men age, the body becomes less able to supply adequate amounts of testosterone.  In addition, some men can experience hormone deficiency as early as their 20’s and 30’s.  Whatever the case, testosterone replacement therapy can significantly improve symptoms associated with low testosterone levels. Yet many people are still wary of hormone therapy, mostly due to misconceptions about how it works. If we analyze these misconceptions, we can see the many benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

Myth #1: Testosterone Replacement Therapy is Only Useful for Athletes and Bodybuilders

Testosterone is most commonly associated with muscle mass and energy, so it’s easy to assume that only those who are concerned with building muscle can benefit from testosterone.  But testosterone also plays a vital role in brain function, hair growth, memory and skin quality.

 Myth #2: I Shouldn’t Be Concerned With Testosterone Deficiency if I Don’t Have Obvious Symptoms

Testosterone deficiency can result in a whole host of unpleasant symptoms, but low hormone levels can be detected before any symptoms appear.  It can be very beneficial to get your hormone levels tested early, so that the transition with hormone replacement therapy can go smoothly.

Myth #3: Testosterone Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer

For a long time it was thought that testosterone levels were linked with prostate cancer.  However, recent research has shown that testosterone itself does not cause cancer, and that supervised administration of testosterone is indeed safe.

Myth #4: Testosterone Therapy Causes Extreme Aggression

Testosterone is a normal and necessary hormone in the body.  Extreme aggression only occurs when testosterone is abused.  The purpose of testosterone replacement is simply to keep testosterone at the levels your body naturally requires.

Myth #5: All Testosterone Therapies are the Same

Testosterone can be further broken down into even smaller elements, and the differences in these small particles can cause different effects in the body.  Newer therapies offer Bioidentical hormones which match the body’s own hormones more precisely, for a natural fit.

Testosterone replacement therapy simply restores your body’s natural testosterone levels, which can drastically reverse the effects of aging and increase overall health.  For more information on testosterone replacement therapy, anti-aging therapy or belotero in Southern California, ask the experts at Rejuvalife.

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