4 Healthy Reasons To Be Happy

“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show it that you have a thousand reasons to smile.” I’ve always loved this quote.

I put together a quick roundup to explain why happiness is, in fact, exactly what the doctor ordered!

It helps prevent heart diseases

And I don’t mean this metaphorically. A new study conducted by Johan Denollet, Ph.D., a professor of medical psychology at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, suggests the following:People with a history of heart disease who are prone to negative thinking, gloom, and inhibition — a personality profile known as Type D (for “distressed”) — are nearly four times more likely to experience heart attack, heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, death, and other negative outcomes compared to heart patients with a different personality profile, the study found.

It’s a natural facelift (pretty much)

The muscles you use to smile will keep your face looking young and more beautiful longer than the muscles you use to frown. As simple as that.

It is contagious

Socially active people rank in the highest levels of happiness, while those who are socially isolated have substantially lower levels of well-being. Is it because happiness is contagious? A study published in a British medical journal in 2008 indicated so:

The study of more than 4,700 people who were followed over 20 years found that people who are happy or become happy boost the chances that someone they know will be happy. The power of happiness, moreover, can span another degree of separation, elevating the mood of that person’s husband, wife, brother, sister, friend or next-door neighbor.


It gets you high

Studies have also shown that smiling and laughing release endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin – the body’s feel-good chemicals. In a sense, happiness is a natural drug!



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