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Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation

Has time taken its toll on your breasts? Would you like a little extra volume and fullness? You don’t have to resort to painful surgery to give your breasts a natural boost. Natural breast augmentation is safe and effective. What are the benefits of this remarkable procedure? There are too many to list them all, … Read More

Anti Aging Medicine and Age Management Program

  Do you feel younger on the inside than you do on the outside? Let Dr. Berger and the staff at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute can help you turn back the clock with our anti-aging and age management programs. Achieve optimal health and feel better than you have in years. Nutrition, activity levels, stress and even … Read More

Liposuction – Myths and Facts

What’s the secret to a Hollywood figure? Diet, exercise and a little liposuction. This fat sucking procedure is often misunderstood. Let’s cut through the liposuction myths, learn a few facts and see how liposuction just might benefit you. Liposuction Myth: Liposuction is Only for the Overweight While liposuction can be used to remove fat from … Read More

Do You Know How Old are Your Cells?

If there was a way to test your cells and find out your actual biological age, would you be interested? Age is much more than just numbers on a calendar. Our genetics, the way we care for our bodies and even environmental factors have an important impact on how the body ages. Finding your biological … Read More

Man Alive… You Can Also Look Wonderful this Holiday Season!

Just because you don’t wear a little black dress to holiday parties, doesn’t mean you don’t want to look great. Throughout the holiday season we see many of our male patients come in for a quick confidence boost. Some come for pre-holiday Botox while others cash in those Christmas gift certificates for a ruggedly handsome … Read More

Precision Laser Treatment- Kiss Excess Sweating Goodbye

Is your deodorant doing the trick? Or do you find that you’re still sweaty, even when you haven’t been exercising? Approximately 8 million Americans suffer from a condition known as hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. If you’re embarrassed that your underarms are always wet, tired of body odor or want freedom to wear what you want … Read More

Long Lasting Filler Solutions

Do you love the results you get with injectables, but hate having to go in for injections every couple of months? Many people want to have younger looking faces but are tired of the endless upkeep associated with some fillers. Luckily there are solutions. Learn more about the Long Lasting Soft Fillers to achieve the … Read More

Holiday Quick Fixes

You have a holiday party next week and you want to look your best. You don’t have time to recover from a long and extensive cosmetic procedure, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. These holiday quick fixes will give you an instant beauty boost. Custom Facials Escape the stress of the holiday season … Read More

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