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How Do You Defy Aging?

Who do you turn to for information? When you want to know the best way to fish, you ask a fisherman. If you want to learn about how a car works, ask a mechanic or an engineer. The same holds true for aging. If you want to look and feel younger, get your advice from … Read More

Breast Reconstruction: Helping Women Find Confidence After Cancer

Do you like your breasts? Large or small, lopsided or perfectly perky, every breast is different. One thing they all share though is the potential to someday get breast cancer. Breast cancer is a devastating diagnosis, one we wouldn’t wish on anybody, but the good news is that many women become survivors. They fight the … Read More

Create Some YOU Time with Long Lasting Fillers

What do you like to do with your free time? Stroll down the beach? Explore the web? Curl up with a good book? We all have our favorite leisure activities, but all too often it seems that once the work is done, there isn’t enough time left for our favorite pastimes. While we can’t help … Read More

How Will You Celebrate BRA Day?

What will my breasts look like after cancer surgery? Women facing breast cancer often worry about the impact their diagnosis will have on their physical appearance. In fact 89% of women surveyed in a recent study indicated that they wanted to see breast reconstruction results before their breast cancer surgeries. Helping women restore their confidence … Read More