Rejuvalife Vitality Institute - Los Angeles & Beverly Hills



Rejuvalife Vitality Institute nutritional expertise & health Coaching in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills provides both in-person coaching and a wellness membership from our health coach Kelly Kerns. Kelly’s expertise will help you with meal prep assistance, recipe planning, fitness guidance and effective workout plans. Not to mention, the accountability and motivation to progress, giving you all the resources to help you have the breakthrough you deserve.


While we provide the physician and aesthetic services to help you along your path of success, we also know it’s the daily investment you make that makes the biggest difference in achieving your goals.

We also know it’s the day-to-day challenges that can prevent it. This is where health coaching comes in to play a vital key role in achieving and maintaining your success.

The Rejuvalife Health Coaching Program

The Rejuvalife health coaching programs in LA and Beverly Hills provided here include individual coaching, group coaching, and an online membership, so wherever you are on your journey you are sure to find a plan that will help you today. Don’t wait until your body is symptomatic to create a healthier you. It’s easier than you think to become a healthier, happier, fitter you.

Love Dr. Berger and his staff. His staff is efficient and professional. Dr. Berger is a knowledgeable leader in the field of cosmetic surgery. Thank you for all the great work you do, keeping us young at heart, soul, and mind! Best doctor turning back the hands of time.

They are very professional, patient and nice. They tell you exactly what to expect during and after the procedure. Also, remind you of the after care at home. I love the attitude of Dr. Berger and the whole staff. The place is super clean and conveniently located.


Here are five ways our health coach Kelly Kerns can help you make lasting lifestyle changes, from weight management to overall wellness.

  • Focus on you
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Mindset to Succeed
  • Overcome Obstacles
  • Achieve Self-Reliance


Focus on you

From the start, the focus is customized to you as an individual and human being. From exercise programming and nutritional guidance to support and motivation, our health coach Kelly Kerns in LA and Beverly Hills takes a holistic approach to working one-on-one to fully understand what you need to enhance and maintain your optimal health. Kelly works diligently with you in the emotional, physical, behavioral, nutritional, and lifestyle factors that are needed to help you succeed. 

SMART Goal Setting

Kelly will know your wellness personality by taking a personalized approach. By understanding your interests, past successes and failures, attitudes and beliefs about health and fitness, and your readiness to change, she will work with you to set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals. This effective approach helps you establish both short- and long-term goals, which will be continually revisited and revised as things change.

Mindset to Succeed

Utilizing a variety of modalities, Kelly will help you establish and maintain a positive mindset. The process helps you identify hidden situations where negative self-talk occurs.

Overcome Obstacles

There are several environmental and lifestyle factors that often serve as external barriers when we attempt to lose weight or improve our health. Lack of time, financial constraints, injury or other medical issues can add onto internal barriers such as low self-esteem and intimidation about exercising in front of others. Our health coach Kelly works with you to diffuse anxieties and identify misconceptions that may be standing in your way. It also arms you with the skills needed to cope with current and future barriers, always empowering you to get back on track following any temporary setbacks or slip-ups.

Achieve Self-Reliance

The ultimate goal for Kelly as your Rejuvalife health coach is to help you become self-reliant in creating or maintaining an environment that is lined up with success.