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Tropical Smoothie Soy Yogurt

It has been a week since Thanksgiving and if you’re like me, you had enough turkey & cranberry sauce to last you until next year. And being the holiday season, there are more family gatherings and feasts ahead, which means more food, more calories and more pounds to put on… Read More

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Welcome to Sho-Stopper Recipes!

Hello to our dear patients and readers! This is the first entry and beginning of our newest addition to the blog – The Sho-Stopper Recipes! My name is Sho, the latest member of Team Rejuvalife, and I will be updating you with healthy and nutritional tips & recipes that are… Read More

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The Body-Jet is Here!

I talked recently about the newest procedure at Rejuvalife, and now that I’ve been performing the procedure for a few weeks, I’m even more excited that it’s available, and even more so that it’s here at Rejuvalife. Its safer, and more precise, with very little discomfort or downtime for the… Read More

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Economy Affecting Waistlines Along with Wallets

Unhealthy food choices are more common because of the recession. Everyone is feeling the effects of the economic recession. For many, value trumps health-conscious when it comes to food choices.  It’s sad, but true, that processed, frozen or “fast food” is less expensive than the healthier alternatives.  Whether you’re feeding… Read More

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More from My Trip to China

I finally had a few moments to download some photos from my trip to China, though I have many, many more to come! I was invited to speak at two conferences for Chinese anti-aging physicians and to tour the facilities of my host, Dr. Tianyongchen. A very gracious host, Dr.… Read More

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The Wave of the Future in Liposculpture

Body-Jet Water Assisted Lipo offers extraordinary results with less bruising, swelling and discomfort and requires minimal downtime! I’m returning to the office this week after my extraordinary trip to China, (pictures coming soon!) and I’m very excited to get back to work because we’ve got an incredible, BRAND NEW liposculpture… Read More

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