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Andropause in Los Angeles, CA


What is Andropause?

While many believe that females are the only sex who suffer from the effects of changing hormones, it is true that men can go through this change as well. Andropause, also known as male menopause, occurs when an aging male begins to experience a decline in testosterone levels, also called Low T. This process is associated with an array of symptoms which can take a negative toll on a man’s health and sense of well-being.


Effects of Declining Testosterone

During andropause, testosterone levels decrease. Low testosterone symptoms can be further exacerbated by declining levels of human growth hormone and DHEA. Because testosterone is a major factor in male health, and helps to fuel mental and physical energy, maintains muscle mass, and regulates sex drive, patients who are experiencing a decrease in testosterone can experience the following symptoms:

  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Increase in body fat
  • Depression
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low Energy
  • Reduced libido
  • Infertility
  • Gynecomastia
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hot flashes

Andropause Treatment: Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Just as hormone replacement therapy helps women with menopause symptoms, testosterone replacement therapy can benefit men experiencing andropause. At Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, we begin testosterone replacement therapy with a comprehensive examination and diagnostic testing to rule out any diseases of underlying conditions that may be the cause for your declining testosterone levels. If tests show that there are no conditions of diseases present, then Dr. Berger will discuss the testosterone replacement therapy process with you, along with the benefits and risks involved.

Contingent on your individual symptoms, Dr. Berger may prescribe injections of a synthetic bio-identical hormone. This can help to restore testosterone levels and decrease negative symptoms such as low libido, an increase in body fat, and more for a better quality of life. Bio-identical hormones can also provide the same benefits as synthetic hormones, without many of the negative side effects.

Why Choose Rejuvalife?

Dr. Berger is a leader in anti-aging, wellness and cosmetic medicine, and possesses a unique combination of skills that make him a true specialist in his field. Dr. Berger combines Eastern philosophies with Western medical technologies to rejuvenate each patient’s health and appearance.  He offers transformative results that will not only help you look great but also help you feel your absolute best.

Please contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute today to schedule your andropause consultation. Dr. Andre Berger serves patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California.

Written by Dr. Andre Berger