Increase Energy Without Coffee

increase energy without coffeeBy the time the afternoon rolls around, many of us are looking for a pick-me-up. A lot of us turn to another cup of coffee to help us get through the rest of the day, which can easily cause trouble falling asleep or a crash. Recently, there has been some research stating that climbing stairs were more effective in providing a boost in energy and enthusiasm.

The Study

The intention of the Physiology & Behavior study was to compare the efficacy of a ten-minute mild intensity stair walking exercise to the use of a supplement containing 50 mg caffeine or placebo capsule on energy levels in young women who are generally sleep deprived. During the study, the group of women who slept less than six and half hours per night was given either a 50-mg capsule of caffeine or a placebo capsule before taking a test to measure their level of attentiveness, functional memory, motivation, and energy levels.

The Results

During the second round of testing, the women were all asked to do 10 minutes of stair climbing before taking the same test. The results show that those ten minutes of stair walking made the women feel far more energized and alert than the caffeine did. Therefore, making exercise a more effective way to wake yourself up in the afternoon and finish the day strong. In addition to burning calories, you might also save money that you would have otherwise spent at Starbucks.

Increase Energy Without Coffee

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