Top Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For You

Let’s start the week on a sweet note! Loaded with flavonoids, dark chocolate isn’t only good for your heart; it also contains antioxidants that could help you reduce your cholesterol, and research shows that it has proven to be a great ally for a healthy sex life! See the links below and don’t fail to visit the Nutrition / Fitness section of the website!

Chocolate and your health: Guilty Pleasure Or Terrific Treat? – Harvard Medical School

Women, chocolate and sex – Chocolate.org

A Dark Chocolate A Day Keeps The Doctor Away – Web MD

Sweet Science: The Health Benefits Of Chocolate – Live Science

Cocoa compounds boosts blood flow muscles – World Health

Read more about the many benefits of dark chocolate for your health! – Health Ambition

Remember to always choose dark chocolate treats and make sure that the first listed ingredient is cocoa or chocolate liquor, not sugar. And just like for everything good in this world, satisfy your cravings in moderation! Not more than few ounces per day!


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