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Have you been feeling like your body is aging at an accelerated rate? Are you one to say you “feel” much older than your age? Take control of your lifestyle and aging by receiving diagnostic testing at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute.

Rather than taking a “treating one symptom” approach, Dr. Berger looks at your health as a whole to reveal the root cause of your health problems. Here are just a few popular tests (out of SEVERAL!) we offer patients interested in anti-aging in Beverly Hills to prepare them for a happier life.


Also known as hormone balancing, HRT is the medical treatment to balance each patient’s hormone levels based on comprehensive testing and prescriptions. This is the primary foundation of age management, especially for individuals who are feeling sluggish, not as healthy or don’t have the vitality they once had in youth.

This may include the treatment of bioidentical hormones, human growth hormone (HGH) and progesterone. Some men with low testosterone may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, as women may benefit from estrogen. HRT helps both men and women turn back the clock and live with energy and motivation as their youthful self.


This innovative test measures your body’s biological age, meaning more or less than your chronological age. The telomere test measures the length of telomeres or the end of each chromosome of your DNA. Every time your cells replicate, it shortens the length of telomeres, indicating cellular aging or your normal aging process.

Telomeres can be affected by many factors, such as genetics, lifestyle, disease, and age. Some diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and obesity will have a larger association with aging cells or shorter telomeres.


Find out your nutritional imbalances and make an action plan to promote optimal health and wellness. This nutritional evaluation in Beverly Hills is designed to inform patients about how their diet is affecting their health.

After testing, we help patients create a customized treatment plan for your life. Some treatment options may include: an improved diet, focusing on amino acids, essential fatty acids; supplements, vitamins and minerals necessary; to help overcome chronic disease and promote life longevity. This lifestyle testing can also help combat depression, heart disease, fatigue, allergies, mood swings, joint pain, and more.


Self-improvement and setting goals are the first steps to understanding what your body really needs to combat signs of aging. We will help you develop a preventive and comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your lifestyle. Other treatment options may include medication, hormone replacement therapy, behavior and lifestyle changes, diet, supplements, or other therapies. At follow up appointments, we can also help monitor your success and effectiveness of your individualized anti-aging program.

If you’re experiencing symptoms that prevent you from being your best, contact Rejuvalife Vitality Institute to schedule your diagnostic testing appointment.