Stem Cell Therapy: What It Is and How It Can Benefit Your Skin

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When it comes to stem cell therapy, there's more to it than meets the eye…

When you hear the words “stem cell” what comes to mind? Embryos? Protests? Controversy? Simply put, a stem cell is a like a blank slate – a cell that has not yet been assigned a specific task. These cells are unique in their ability to regenerate themselves and repair tissue in the body. Naturally, these cells have a wide variety of applications, but there is increasing interest in using stem cells for cosmetic and anti-aging purposes. Stem cells are especially useful in fat transfers, or the redistribution of fat from an undesired body part to a more desirable location. Below is an in-depth look at how stem cells and fat can be redistributed for a naturally younger look.

Where do the Stem Cells Come From?

First things first, let’s be clear about where stem cells come from. For fat transfer procedures, all of the stem cells used in the procedure are conveniently located in the body’s own fat (and chances are, most of us don’t have many reservations about getting rid of a little excess fat). This means that a separate procedure is not required to harvest the stem cells – they are simply isolated from the fat that will be transferred. From there they will aid in the healing process, and enhance the overall results of the procedure.

Why Do the Stem Cells Need Isolation?

You might be wondering, “if stem cells are already in the fat, can’t you just inject the fat with the stem cells in it and get the same results?” Researchers thought the same thing for a long time, but trials have shown that this process is not as successful.  Although the stem cells are isolated, they are not completely stripped apart; they are put through a centrifuge where they can be enriched. This process yields the best results because leaving them as they are does not promote noticeable results, and stripping them completely makes the cells less viable.  The best approach is to put them through a centrifuge and enrich them before use.

How Do Stem Cells Aid in Fat Transfer?
While fat alone can plump up certain areas, it is the stem cells that aid in the healing process, generate new blood cells and improve skin tightening. In short, they are what make the transfer the real thing, as opposed to merely an injection or filler.

hand before fat transfer

Photo of a hand before a stem cell fat transfer

hand after fat transfer

After therapy

There’s certainly nothing “plastic” about cosmetic stem cell fat transfers.  From start to finish, everything is you – simply rejuvinated.  If you are interested in stem cell therapy in Los Angeles, talk to the experts at Rejuvalife today.

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