In Focus: Hand Rejuvenation

Another question came to me from Twitter a few days ago. This time, the lovely Candy from @ArtOfTheSpa asked me the following: “Hi Dr. Berger! I have terrible bulgy veins on the backs of my hands. Not sure what would be best course of action.”

First of all, let me just say that this is a very common problem. Very often, your hands will give away your age even more than your face. The fatty cushion that used to be present beneath your skin inevitably diminishes over time, causing your veins to become more visible – or bulgy, as you say.

One approach to this concern at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute is to offer a fat transfer procedure, and here’s how it works:

Fat is removed from an excess area like the saddlebags, lower abdomen, love handles / muffin tops or inner thighs (how convenient, you might say!) and after it is purified, it is re-injected into the hands to restore fullness and make the skin more plump, which results in your veins becoming much less apparent. What’s fantastic about this is that there is no risk of allergy or rejection since the filler, in this case, is completely natural: it comes from your own body. No stitches, and in less than one to two hours, your hands will look ten years younger! Most importantly, results from fat transfer should last for about a year… if not more.

Another approach is the injection of Radiesse, which rebuilds the skin’s foundation by stimulating collagen renewal, providing volume replacement for up to two years!

Read more about the Fat Transfer Rejuvenation Procedure and Radiesse.


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